Vinay Gupta: Entrepreneur Turned Film Producer

producer vinay gupta

An entrepreneur turned producer is not a new cult in Bollywood. They have money, they have potential and they have story to tell you. Likewise movie Ishq Junoon’s producer Mr. Vinay Gupta took on the task of mentoring directors. He is coming with a much talk about film with a USP of Love and Passion together with a burning heat of pleasure and emotions.

Producer Vinay Gupta

The more the merrier. Once entrepreneurs become producers, they also come to understand the various costs which are involved in film making. So when they are sitting on the producer’s chair, they tend to envisage their vision more economically. Also, the visions which they create, start giving them a sense of ownership as well. It’s definitely a good sign. Vinay Gupta is very excited for his Bollywood debut because he is among producers who are breaking stereotypes of Industry. He has  ideas and new techniques for cost saving and has also keenly looked into while making this film. Being an entrepreneur and now a producer by choice and passion he said “The industry has always been an open market. But things have changed significantly in the past decade or so. I am quite happy with this trend because it’s increasing commitment to our products, and it’s only a healthy indication for the industry as we are the one who think of marketing trends and a creative story telling together. The film business which has traditionally been dominated by individual producers, has gone through a drastic change since the arrival of studios in the market. While some may argue about studio interference, this move has also opened doors, wide and profitable, for newer talents, and newer possibilities.”
Vinay Gupta has proudly set up his production house Vinr Films and promise to bring new talent with an off-beat stories to tell the audience because he knows what people want. Good producers who understand the film business are rare. Bollywood has accepted Vinay Gupta with warm and open arms. This is the time to encourage the producer to bring out the fresh talent and content every time.
His upcoming Bollywood film ‘Ishq Junoon’ is looking promising and the variety he is bringing is the talk of the town. The story, the music, the songs, the lead actors every one is passionate for this film. After all this film is all about Passion of love.
A good producer not only invest money in the films, but he/she invest their creative interest as well. While old brand names are good but this is time we are in greater need of passion.

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