Ishq Junoon Music Prediction – Definitely Worth a spin!

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‘Kabhi Yun bhi’ from Ishq Junoon is a soothing love number, which will touch your heart for sure. It features the steamy chemistry between Rajbeer, AkshayRangshahi and Divya Singh.While Ishq Junoon is a fairly good passionate romantic thriller, it relied on that passionate music by Ankit Tiwari, Jeet Ganguli, , Sanjeev-Darshan & Vardan Singh. We are here to appreciate the music which tied the cinematic lovers to welcome the film having wonderful musicians in a single film. The film has a lot of live up to with the wonderful songs like ‘Kabhi yun bhi’ and the sufi ‘Re Naseeba’. As per the responses from the people and the fraternity album is quite a gem.
Music directors, has created such evocative songs with the fabulous melody and strong singers like Arijit Singh and Rekha Bhardawaj. Makers know the trend and they cash it very well. The album has a longer shelf lifekeep this on repeat.The music team is already a toast of Bollywood individually and has created a magic with the melodies. The melodious feel is maintained in all the songs that they created.
Ishq Junoon is a musical spectacular from the Vinr Films and Shant Ketan Films that will work commercially and will hopefully draw potential response from its target listeners. Despite the fact that album has an array of different music composers and singers of different genre in its credits, every song has a potential to impresses with their quality performances and standards. On innovative quotient, Ishq Junoon scores potentially for being outrageous in delivering out tracks overall a well-conceived album that should be adding to pluses of the film. The commercial success, this album is likely to be the next bestseller, a cool endeavor by makers that will draw both applause and acclaim.
The composer shave made a great effort in composing wonderful tracks that highlight their versatility and ability to create the usual songs but making sure it has that edge to keep these gems with us long after the film ends. As an overall album, the album works for the film it’s presented for, as it has that emotional and passionate quotient evident in the racy promos. It is a very evocative, and eclectic mix of songs that just makes sense. Definitely worth a spin!

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