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The speed of  movies releasing this year are giving a positive response. Something is cooking in the industry. The Bollywood film industry is no longer the older one where the adult movies come with such a different kind hilarious names which can make anyone ROFL. Chadti Jawani, Dil Ki Aag, Hawas Ka Pujari, etc. and etc. And there is something more hilarious than the names. Yes, it is the audience who extremely love to watch this kind of movies.
This time the films that are set to enter here are having a good story line with a meaningful subject. These films are not only the skin show. This is something else. We need to make it on our checklist
Well ! Its absolutely fine. Its all good. Nothing shameful in this. Seriously.
We are living in India but at the same time, we are 21st century people who are having full right to watch the stuff of their own choice.
After such an awesome response to the first adult movie release this year, Kyaa Kool Hain Hum 3, directors got so much encouragement and now they are ready with the sufficient stuff for the whole year. It is all done by the Bollywood directors already. May 2016 will witness one more film “Ishq Junoon” – The Heat is on. The film is an unusual love story of a girl who is passionate about two boys at the same time. Isn’t it interesting?
Directed by Sanjay Sharma, Written by Pankaj Trivedi, Produced by Vinay Gupta and Anuj Sharma under the banner Vinr Films and Shantketan Films respectively. If you want an enclosure to the heat of passion and love. Just close your dates for ‘Ishq Junoon’ after all its all about love and passion.
Although many criticize mainstream Bollywood cinema for constantly churning out cliched products, the tinsel town of India has surprised many from time to time by its unusual offerings, especially films with bold content. These flicks also create a lot of curiosity among the youth, who flock movie halls to see what is in store for them. ‘Ishq Junoon’ is one of that offering this year. The main lead actors of the film Rajbir, Divya Singh and Akshay Rangshahi are the new talked jodis of B-Town.

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