Ishq Junoon is a Unique Master Piece of Film Industry

rajbeer and divya singh

Passion and Love with a little teaspoon of Boldness, this combination of concentric plot in Bollywood is rare. There isn’t anything of significance, therefore, that ISHQ JUNOON can be measure against. Just as well. This film will set a remark among audiences.
There are two kind love stories in Bollywood – One is Boy Loves Girl and Girl Loves Boy, Second is Two Boys love a same girl or vice versa and then Producer Vinay Gupta and Anuj Sharma introduces a third kind of Love story in Bollywood and burning the taboo of Indian society. Ishq Junoon is not an consistent film but the one that tells a story about a different kind of love. Two Boys love a same girl and that girl loves them both equally in return with the same passion and heat. Ishq Junoon is for the people who respect the feeling of love, passion and pleasure. The people who believe in freedom of expression and liberty to live and lead their life with no regret no guilt. Setting a new definition of Love, passion and pleasure Ishq Junoon is really going to woo the audience of certain age and expectations.
According to Producer Vinay Gupta Ishq Junoon is an important story that is needed to be told as we know that Love, Passion and Pleasure has no boundaries.
As far as music is concerned the film is a package of surfeit of music, both in terms of songs and the background score. Well modulated and well connected to the story. Embraced by the viewers and ‘Can’t wait any more’ attitude of audiences is the evidence, how social media has respond with positive acceptance of the film.
For now just stay connected to us and wait for the unique master piece of film makers with a vision to raise the bar of Love, Passion and Pleasure and narrate a third kind of Love story through Ishq Junoon – Heat is on

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