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Ishq Junoon: All India Release On 11 November, 2016

Unlock the mystery of most awaited triangular Love story of Bollywood. Finally Heat of Romance rising this November. This winter experience the warm of Love and Passion All India Release on 11.11.2016

Rajbeer Singh – How He Got It Big After A Reality Show

Indian TV is flooded with reality shows no doubt, many with seasons and few with a single season coming up each year. With their interesting tasks, concepts, creative we got much needed

Divya Singh: New Hot Diva of Bollywood

Actor Divya Singh, who will be seen as a future oriented and materialistic girl in her forthcoming film Ishq Junoon is the new talk of the town. She is leading the story

Film Maker Vinay Gupta – Lies in his Entrepreneurship As a producer but A Story Teller As a Cinema Lover.

With over a dozen films releasing, Hindi Cinema is soon going to witness the very offbeat Vinay Gupta as a film maker with a vision of changing scenario in the industry. Vinay

Ishq Junoon Music Prediction – Definitely Worth a spin!

‘Kabhi Yun bhi’ from Ishq Junoon is a soothing love number, which will touch your heart for sure. It features the steamy chemistry between Rajbeer, AkshayRangshahi and Divya Singh.While Ishq Junoon is

Until it comes to the Producer

You probably won’t recognize the men or women who pick up the award for best picture. The trophy doesn’t go to the winning film’s director or to it’s on-screen stars. Rather, it’s handed to the “producers.”

New Song of Ishq Junoon – Re Naseeba

Indian film music lovers have always appreciated and applauded the haunting evergreen pieces of music of the great masters. Some composers with their unique distinguishing features in their styles have left an

Ishq Junoon – Mark It In Your Checklist

The speed of  movies releasing this year are giving a positive response. Something is cooking in the industry. The Bollywood film industry is no longer the older one where the adult movies

Vinay Gupta: Entrepreneur Turned Film Producer

An entrepreneur turned producer is not a new cult in Bollywood. They have money, they have potential and they have story to tell you. Likewise movie Ishq Junoon’s producer Mr. Vinay Gupta

Ishq Junoon is a Unique Master Piece of Film Industry

Passion and Love with a little teaspoon of Boldness, this combination of concentric plot in Bollywood is rare. There isn’t anything of significance, therefore, that ISHQ JUNOON can be measure against. Just